Update on Cust Township’s Water Supply

Published: 12-Nov-2019

Following the detection of a minor leak in the Cust Township’s water supply on Friday, Council staff have completed a thorough examination of the water supply.

Water GlassThe Council’s Water Unit will now make repairs to the leak. The repair will take some coordination and careful planning so that work at the headworks site can be completed without disruption to the supply. This will be followed by water sampling over the long weekend to ensure the supply is sterile, and the water remains safe to drink.

Chlorination will continue until results of the testing can be confirmed, but is expected to be stopped by early next week.

Councils Water Asset Manager, Colin Roxburgh says, “While we’re keen to remove the chlorination as soon as possible, we first need to make sure the water supply is safe for our community.”

Residents may continue to taste the difference intermittently until early next week. In the meantime, the water is safe to drink and there is no need to boil before drinking.

A further update will be provided early next week once the repairs and follow up sampling is complete.