Temporary Treatment for Cust Township's Water Supply

Published: 08-Nov-2019

Temporary chlorination of the Cust Township's Water supply has been put in place following the detection of a minor leak in the reservoir.

Following the discovery of the leak the Council have tested the water. There has been no contamination found, however chlorine will give extra confidence in the safety of the fffWater tapwater until the repairs can be completed.

While residents may taste the difference in the water, it is safe to drink. The chlorination is a precautionary step until the required repairs to the leak can be made. This is expected to be completed next week. An update on progress will be provided early next week. There is no need for residents to boil water or to flush water from the pipes and taps on their property.

If anyone has questions or concerns, please contact the Council's Customer Services Team on 0800 965 468.