Residents Urged to Sign up for Collection Reminders

Published: 18-Oct-2019

If your property is located in the Council’s Kerbside Collection Area, you can sign up for text or email alerts reminding you when to put your bins or bag out.

The alert service has been available since the expanded service started in July, and is designed to help people never miss a collection day. Kerbside Collection Reminder Online Tool

Solid Waste Manager Kitty Waghorn says that contractors are seeing bins out on the wrong day, and rubbish bins and bags still being put out weekly.

“We’ve been promoting the changes but there is some confusion still out there around which bin to put out on which day. Especially with rubbish, which is now picked up fortnightly.

"It’s frustrating for residents when they find their bin hasn’t been emptied or their bag not collected. By signing up it will alert them to any changes.”

Kitty said that with almost 900 subscribers, numbers are still low, “It would be great to see more people sign up.

“The reminders take the guesswork out, particularly around public holidays, like Christmas, New Year and Good Friday, where it’s common for people to put bins or bags out on the wrong day.”

Don’t rely on what the neighbours are doing. Sign your property up here so you never miss a collection day.