New Council Welcomed and Structure Announced

Published: 30-Oct-2019

Waimakariri District Council’s new Mayor Dan Gordon today formally welcomed the new Council and announced new committees and portfolios for the coming term.

The new Council was officially welcomed into the chamber for the inaugural meeting by a waiata by Te Ngāi Tūāhuriri Rūnanga.

Mayor Dan Gordon announced changes for the forthcoming term, including :

  • Councillor Neville Atkinson being appointed the role of Deputy Mayor
  • The establishment of the Mahi Tahi Joint Development Committee. This committee is an expression of partnership with Te Ngai Tūāhuriri Rūnanga to further develop the working together relationship between the Council and Ngai Tūāhuriri. Membership includes the Mayor and two Councillors alongside three nominated representatives of Te Ngāi Tūāhuriri Rūnanga
  • The establish of new portfolios covering Climate Change and Sustainability
  • Splitting the Roading portfolio into Roading and Transport
  • The Land and Water working group has been changed to that of a standing committee.

The Mayor congratulated the new Council on being elected and noted it is perhaps the first time in the Waimakariri District there has been a balance of male and female Councillors across the table.

"It is a great honour for me to be the sixth Mayor of the Waimakariri District. I look forward to working with you all, and our staff, for the betterment of our community."

Iwi Relationships Dan Gordon                                  
Canterbury Water Management Strategy &
Waimakariri Water Zone representative
Sandra Stewart
International RelationshipsNeville Atkinson (lead) with
Philip Redmond and Joan Ward (support)
Regeneration (Kaiapoi)Al Blackie
Climate Change and SustainabilityNiki Mealings
Drainage and StockwaterSandra Stewart
TransportDan Gordon
RoadingPaul Williams
Utilities (Water Supplies and Sewer)Paul Williams
Solid WasteRobbie Brine
Green Space (Parks, Reserves and Sports Grounds)Robbie Brine
Community FacilitiesWendy Doody
Community Development and WellbeingWendy Doody (lead) and Neville Atkinson (support)
District Planning DevelopmentKirstyn Barnett (lead) and Niki Mealings (support)
Regulation and Civil DefencePhilip Redmond
Business, Promotion and Town CentresJoan Ward
Audit, Risk, Long Term Plan and the Excellence ProgrammeJoan Ward
Communications and Customer ServiceKirstyn Barnett
Audit and Risk Committee                                                                                                                      Neville Atkinson, Kirstyn Barnett, Sandra Stewart, Joan Ward
and Paul Williams
Community and Recreation Committee Al Blackie, Robbie Brine, Wendy Doody, Niki Mealings
and Philip Redmond
District Planning and Regulation CommitteeNeville Atkinson, Kirstyn Barnett, Niki Mealings, Philip Redmond and Joan Ward
Utilities and Roading CommitteePaul Williams, Wendy Doody, Robbie Brine, Al Blackie and Sandra Stewart
Mahi Tahi Joint Development CommitteeDan Gordon, Neville Atkinson and Al Blackie