Watch Out for Motorcycles

Published: 03-Sep-2019

With spring upon us, over half of all motorcyclists will start to get their bikes back on the road after a winter break.

September is Motorcycle Awareness Month – a time to remind ourselves to take extra care while driving by keeping an eye out for motorcyclists.

Motocyclist at intersection waiting for car to pass“We know motorbikes can be harder to see when driving, so we ask drivers to look twice at intersections and before changing lanes.” says Senior Sergeant Paul Simcox, Manager of Operations for Road Policing.

"We want everybody to get where they’re going safely.”

Council Road Safety Co-ordinator Kathy Graham says, “Motorcyclists themselves can also take steps to ensure they are as visible as they can be to other road users.

“Wearing appropriate safety gear, knowing when you might be in a driver’s blind spot and not taking unnecessary risks can help keep everyone safer.”

In 2018 alone, 52 motorcyclists were killed, and 1,396 were seriously injured on New Zealand roads.

“Road safety is everyone’s responsibility.” Kathy says. Drivers can help by following these eight simple tips:

  • Always look twice before changing lanes
  • Always look twice at intersections
  • Slow down behind motorcyclists
  • Check your blind spots
  • Drive to the conditions
  • Always use your indicators
  • Know that motorcycles can appear quickly
  • Motorcycle indicators don't automatically turn off. Make sure the rider is turning before pulling out.

Motorcyclists can play their part too:

Find out more about Motorcycle Awareness Month.

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