Ensor Acknowledged at Final Board Meeting

Published: 11-Sep-2019

The Oxford-Ohoka Community Board met last week for the final meeting of the electoral term.

Water Asset Manager, Colin Roxburgh, presented a report on the proposal for Poyntzs Road joining with West Eyreton and Summerhill water supplies. The upgrade is required in order to comply with the Drinking-water Standards for New Zealand. Staff will be consulting with the community on three funding options which have been identified for the upgrade.

Governance Team Leader, Thea Kunkel, provided an update on the Waimakariri Student Volunteer Army. This project was the recipient of the 2018/19 Waimakariri Youth Development Grant.

Artemis Hingston and Carli Wells were awarded $3000 for the establishment of a Student Volunteer Army. Their admirable endeavour has been a success and the group have been busy volunteering at various goings-on, including community days, charity collections, tree plantings and more.

More information on the grant scheme will be available shortly on the Youth Development Grant page. Applications are open from Monday 16 September to 4pm Friday 1 November.

Tidying up business for the electoral term, a summary of the 2018/19 discretionary grants and accountability was presented and the Board reported on their recent submissions; addressing speed limits, natural hazards and the proposed Environment Canterbury Plan Change 7.

A special acknowledgement was made to Board member James Ensor, who served on the Oxford-Ohoka Community Board from 2016-19 and will not be standing next term. Mr Ensor also served multiple terms on the Woodend-Ashley Community Board and Advisory Boards prior. He received a Community Service Award in 2008.

Board Chair, Doug Nicholl says “Serving with James has been a pleasure and he’s made a notable contribution during this time. With his years of Community Board experience prior to this term, he’s been a valued member and a dedicated advocate for the community.”

Reflecting on his service, James Ensor says “It’s been a privilege serving the community in various capacities over the past 30 years, most recently on the Oxford-Ohoka Community Board. We’ve achieved some great things during this time and I’ll continue to keep an eager eye on what’s happening in the community.”

The new Board will be sworn into office late October 2019.