A no Nonsense way to Address Nuisance

Published: 20-Sep-2019

A new bylaw covering property maintenance and nuisance is being proposed and we want to hear what you think about it.

The purpose of the proposed bylaw is to ensure poor property maintenance and general nuisance behaviour doesn’t negatively affect the public. 20190913 - Long Grass

A number of concerns have recently been raised by residents in residential areas which the bylaw should address. It adds some extra powers for the Council to manage overgrown residential sections - needed due to recent changes in legislation.

Some of the issues the bylaw proposes to cover includes:

  • Unkempt residential sections
  • Hoarding of material
  • Livestock in residential areas
  • General nuisance.

You can read the draft bylaw, Statement of Proposal and give us your feedback here. The consultation closes on 21 October with public hearings taking place in December.