New Water Pipes for Rangiora Cemetery

Published: 26-Aug-2019

Old and brittle pipes that needed frequent repairs will be replaced throughout the Rangiora Cemetery from today. The new pipes will provide water for the hose taps throughout the cemetery, for the existing toilet block as well as the irrigation system.

Rangiora Cemetery looking eastSome hose taps will move from where they are currently, but there will still be plenty of accessible taps.

The majority of work will be carried out around the edges of the cemetery and in Maria Andrews Park. Work involves a digger making a small trench to install the new pipes, which will be filled in before moving on.

No digger work will be undertaken during funeral services out of respect for the family and friends of lost loved ones.

Water will remain available during most of the work, but may need to be shut down for short periods of time. The work is expected to be completed within four weeks.