Community Groups Encouraged to Apply for Grants

Published: 08-Jul-2019

The Oxford-Ohoka Community Board met last week, and being the first meeting of the new financial year, verified general landscaping and discretionary grant fund budgets for the year ahead.

The Board received an allocation of $12,430 for general landscaping.

Meanwhile, the Board’s discretionary grant fund budget was confirmed at $6,670.

The Board are eager to encourage local groups to apply for grants.

Board Chair Doug Nicholl, says “We try to pro-actively increase awareness of this fund with eligible groups because many don’t know it exists. Even small grants can add huge value to community groups and we want to encourage those eligible to fill in their applications.”

The updated funding application form for this financial year can be found on the Waimakariri District Council Website.

The first grant application for the year was submitted by the Christchurch Western Riding Association.

Based in the Mandeville Sports Grounds, the Association were awarded $500 to help cover the cost of replacing the rails of their sand arena which are warped and coming undone. Tidying this railing up will keep the arena safe for horse and rider, and encourage more groups to use the grounds.

The Board also upheld an agreement from their March 2019 meeting to defer a $500 grant awarded to the Waimakariri Arts Trust – Kaiapoi Arts Expo to this new financial year.

Roading Manager, Joanne McBride, presented an update on the Roading Capital Works Programme, seeking feedback on the proposed 2019/20 programme.

This addresses local projects including kerb and channel renewal, footpath renewal, minor improvements and new footpaths; types of projects with an element of flexibility that typically require (and benefit from) community input to produce the required outcomes.

The Oxford-Ohoka Community Board will meet again at 7pm on Wednesday 7th August, at the Mandeville Sports Centre.