Building Community

Published: 10-Jul-2019

This Monday’s meeting of the Woodend Sefton Community Board was very much business as usual for the beginning of the financial year, reviewing budgets as well as considering funding applications and hearing updates from Council staff.

The Board received an interesting funding application from the Pegasus Residents’ Group who are keen to learn more about building community. They asked for support for three members of the group to attend a workshop called ‘Making Sense of Community-led Change’.Pegasus Lake

Shona Powell, Board Chair said “We felt this would be a valuable workshop for this group as their passion for their community is unrivalled and it could provide further practical skills they can use to advocate and lead change. They can also add value to neighbouring community associations by sharing their insights and learnings with them.”

The Board provided feedback to the Roading and Transport Manager on the proposed capital works programme for the next three years. The Board raised one additional improvement to be considered by the team.

The proposed nuisance bylaw, which is still to be drafted, was also discussed and some thought given to how this might be applied to deal with issues raised by the community. The Board are looking forward to the draft being finalised and the opportunity for the community to contribute through the consultation process.

Budgets were set for the Board for the 2019/20 year including:

  • General Landscaping budget of $12,430
  • Discretionary Grant Funding $4,500

The next meeting will be on Monday 12 August at 7pm in the Pegasus Community Centre and we welcome the public to come along.