The Road Name Game

Published: 13-Jun-2019

At the most recent Oxford-Ohoka Community Board Meeting on 6 June, the Board reviewed a report proposing road names for a new North Mandeville subdivision

Without name preferences, the subdivision developers, Dawe Construction Limited, had requested the Board come up with options.

Pulling from local history and working with Council staff, the Board proposed several names relevant to the Mandeville area.

The three names chosen were Beale, Fulton and Brennan.

Board Chair, Doug Nicholl, says “While this was certainly an interesting exercise, it’s not new to us. We’ve been asked to help in this regard before and have worked with the Council on creating a list of pre-approved road names for developers to use in such cases.”

Chair of the Eyre District Environmental Association Incorporated (EDEAI), Noel Fraser, also presented to the Board, sharing concerns around the resource consent for a landscaping suppliers Diversion Road site, requesting that any future resource consent application to the Council be publicly notified.

The final funding application for the financial year was also heard during Thursday’s meeting.

Identifying the current absence of seating in the Ohoka Domain, the Ohoka Women’s Institute submitted an application to assist in the purchase of a park bench for this community space. The grant would supplement the Ohoka Women’s Institutes’ fundraising efforts, and all going well, see the bench installed by the end of the year – a fitting way for the group to commemorate 88 years in the District.

The Board awarded $727 to the group - the remains of the discretionary grant fund for the financial year ending June 2019.

Three Board members attended the New Zealand Community Boards’ Conference in New Plymouth from 11 to 13 April; Shirley Farrell, James Ensor and Thomas Robson.

Reporting on the event, highlights for attendees included sessions on rural connectivity, diversity and inclusion of age groups at both ends of the spectrum - from age-friendly communities to engaging with youth.

Board member Thomas Robson, said “there was a real focus on engaging with youth as this is seen as a way to ensure Community Boards stay relevant and effective.”

The next Oxford-Ohoka Community Board meeting is scheduled for 7pm Thursday 4 July at the Oxford Town Hall.