Community Helps to Shape Adopted Rural Residential Development Strategy

Published: 13-Jun-2019

The Council recently adopted the Rural Residential Development Strategy (RRDS). This will help direct future rural residential growth in the Waimakariri District over the next decade.

The Strategy replaces the Waimakariri Rural Residential Plan adopted in 2010 and is the culmination of expert technical advice, and community and stakeholder engagement completed in March/April 2019.rural view

Growth locations and directions for Swannanoa, Oxford, Ashley/Loburn and Gressons Road (north of Woodend) are reflected in the Strategy.

Development Planning Manager Trevor Ellis says: “There is a projected demand for rural residential households over the next ten years in the Waimakariri District. The Rural Residential Development Strategy provides a framework for the provision of appropriately zoned land to meet this demand.

“We received 143 submissions on the draft Strategy – this was a great response and helps to ensure there are diverse living options available in the District. The Strategy will help to protect the balance of rural land for primary production purposes.”

The Waimakariri District Plan Review will be the process through which the final Strategy will be primarily implemented.

More detailed information on submissions, decisions, and implementation can be found here.