Annual Plan Adopted by Council

Published: 18-Jun-2019

Waimakariri District Council adopted its Annual Plan 2019 - 2020 today announcing an average 4.8% rise in rates – 0.3% higher than what was signalled in the Draft Annual Plan.

The Annual Plan describes the activities of Council and provides a basis for accountability of those activities to the community.20190618 - Kaiapoi River

In line with the Long Term Plan 2018-2028 (LTP), the Annual Plan focused on implementation of LTP projects and asked for feedback on a number of decisions affecting residents in the coming year.

Mayor David Ayers says while these decisions will see average rates increase 0.3% more than signalled during the draft Annual Plan the focus on infrastructure and sustainable use of resources is necessary.

“As a District, we have undertaken a lot of earthquake recovery work and are now in a phase where our focus is on planning to sustainably cater for our projected growth. This is an exciting time and I look forward to seeing Waimakariri continue to grow as a vibrant and exciting place.”

Over 120 submissions were received, with 33 people choosing to present to the Council in person.

After analysing submissions the Council approved to:

  • Uniformly fund ultra-violet (UV) treatment of water supplies across those parts of the District receiving Council water supply
  • Employ a Bio-diversity Officer to implement Waimakariri Water Zone Plan Addendum (ZIPA) recommendations – in conjunction with other agencies such as Environment Canterbury. This will cost $305,000 per year and includes initiatives to improve drainage practices, enhance indigenous biodiversity and urban waterways public education programmes.
  • Enter an agreement with Southbrook and Rangiora Tennis Clubs to jointly develop courts in Coldstream Road. Council’s contribution is $1million.
  • Bring forward $100,000 of funding for investigating the best location for future ‘park and ride’ facilities - which will link in with public transport routes provided by Environment Canterbury
  • Continue to develop a sustainability strategy which sees the Council becoming a local leader in sustainable business practice.

The Council also voted to support:

  • An increase in the budget for an upgrade to the Rangiora civic building, adding $2.7m to the budget allocated through the LTP. This will grow floor space, provide better public meeting spaces, improves customer service areas and futureproofs the renovation with future development of the Rangiora library.
  • Grant $15,000 to Southbrook Community Sports Club to contribute towards the fixed costs of operating the club.
  • Approve $50,000 for the sealing of the Pearson Park carpark in Oxford.

Mayor David Ayers says, “It is important to provide support to local initiatives across the District.  We also need to improve our civic building in line with both our population and staff growth if we want to continue to provide good service for our residents.”

What’s happening with rates?

Our projected average rate increase, excluding the ‘opt-in’ kerbside refuse collection service, is 4.8%. This compares to 4.5% signalled in the draft Annual Plan and 4.3% signalled during last year’s LTP.

Rate increases for individual properties across the District will vary depending on the services received by the property and the extent of new upgrades needed to water, sewer or drainage systems in those areas.

Accordingly, some properties’ rate increase will be more than 4.8% and for others it will be less.

Residents can find out their individual rates increase by visiting