Heavy rain causing surface flooding

Published: 04-Jun-2019

1 June 2019. 2.00pm - Rain is starting to ease and infrastructure around the District is coping well with surface flooding following the serious weather overnight.

Metservice reports indicate the worst of the rain is over and there is low chance of further rain tomorrow.

There are however parts of Kaiapoi that still seeing high levels of surface flooding nearby - particularly Belcher St which has a pump on the way to lower the water levels.

In Oxford there is snow on the ground. Arterial roads have been swept and are safe to drive on.

Sucker trucks are working flat out across the District to make sure the waste and stormwater systems are running at 100 percent so water can be cleared in the coming hours through our infrastructure network.

If you are affected by the weather event and need to report an issue to Council please do so on 0800 965 468 (0800WMKGOV) pressing '3' for the after hours service.

9.50am - The significant rainfall expected overnight has led to surface flooding of roads and some homes in Kaiapoi. Council are currently working to re-open roads and manage stormwater.

Overnight up to 90mm of rain has fallen in Waimakariri with the highest totals recorded in Kaiapoi. In a half-hour burst, over 30mm fell in Kaiapoi which is 'off the scale' in terms of intensity for our District.

Steady rain is expected to continue to fall until about midday, when it should start easing off.

Surface flooding in Kaiapoi:

Rain overnight has caused widespread surface flooding on roads and property around Kaiapoi.

While in most areas this drained away in the early hours of the morning, there are a small number of low-lying areas with flooding still.

These include:

  • The catchment of Feldwick, Dudley and Parnham. Drains have been flooded by the rain and high water level in Waimakariri and Kaiapoi rivers
  • A number of low lying streets are flooded including those around Meadow St Brace bridge,  Broom St, Ohoka Road, Otaki etc.

Council staff have responded by:

  • In preperation checking and all key infrastructure including sumps, culvert grills and drains, stormwater pump stations and screens, wastewater treatment and holding ponds, flapgates, stockwater culverts and syphons
  • Additional pumps have been deployed in catchments and have been working overnight
  • Sucker trucks have been working to keep the storm and wastewater systems working and are on standby for further mobilisation
  • Sicon crews are on site clearing localised blockages of the stormwater system.
Snow reported west of Starvation Hill:

Up to 100mm of snow has settled west of Starvation Hill. Graders and trucks are on the way to to clear the key routes.

Advice for residents:

Please avoid driving in areas which are affected by either flooding or snow. Council staff are working to re-open our roads as soon as possible.

If you do encounter surface flooding while driving, please slow down and drive through carefully so you don’t push water onto neighbouring properties.

If you are affected by the weather event and need to report an issue to Council please do so on the number below. We will continue to update you throughout the day.

Name: Waimakariri District Council

Phone: 0800 965 468 (0800WMKGOV)