Recycling Bin Roundup Almost Complete

Published: 15-Jan-2021

Almost 17,000 recycling bins have been fitted with a Radio Frequency Identification Tag (RFID) over the last seven months, with the final bins to be tagged during May.

The remaining bins are concentrated in northeast areas of Pegasus, and in Mandeville North, Ohoka and Swannanoa. These bins will be tagged between Monday 6 and Friday 24 May and local residents will receive a flyer in their letterbox letting them know what they need to do.

The District-wide roundup of recycling bins will ensure ratepayers are getting the bin services they are paying for in their rates and enable a fair service for all. It also allows the Council and contractor to keep more accurate records of the bins in circulation.

For residents who opted for organics and rubbish bins as part of the expanded kerbside collection service, these are currently being delivered across the District and will already be RFID tagged.

Solid Waste Manager Kitty Waghorn says, “Before you take in your new bins, just check the address label on the side of the bin is correct and that you’re not taking your neighbour’s bin by mistake.”

With over 17,500 new bins being distributed, deliveries will continue until late June ready for the expanded service to begin on 1 July. The Council will update its Facebook page to let residents know when they can expect to receive bins in their area.

Residents should look out for an information pack from mid-June which will provide details about using the new service. It will also include new collection calendars and detail any changes to collection days.