Ravenswood Development Making Good Progress

Published: 12-Apr-2019

Contractors working for Ravenswood Developments have completed the installation of new utilities on Rangiora Woodend Road and are thankful to residents and road users for their continued patience.

Significant progress has been made with the works, which include new power, water, drainage and sewer to service the new subdivision.

The requirement to keep the road open, and to maintain safety standards over the construction period, has required work to be done in a progressive and steady manner.

To complete the work, traffic needs to be diverted over four different road widths at different times. For construction and safety reasons, work is typically limited to a 100m length of road at any time. This has required regular switching of traffic - all in accordance with the approved Traffic Management Plan that is in place for the project.

Work over the next six weeks will be focused around the completion of the new roundabout and the re-seal of Rangiora Woodend Road.

Temporary traffic lights will be removed over the Easter break, helping to reduce delays through the area.

Below is an outline of temporary traffic management leading into the completion of the work:

  • Rangiora Woodend Road will be opened to two lanes on Friday 12 April for the weekend
  • On Monday 15 April the road will be reduced to one lane on the subdivision side to allow the opposite side to be sealed by Thursday 18 April (weather permitting)
  • On the night of Thursday 18 April the road will be reopened to two lanes until Sunday 28 April.
  • From 28 April until 20 May the road will be reduced to one lane with temporary traffic lights either side of the roundabout allowing the final work to be completed.

All work is expected to be completed in late May, subject to weather conditions.