Kerbside Bins Coming Soon…

Published: 12-Apr-2019

The first of Waimakariri’s new rubbish and organics bins will be delivered on Monday for residents who chose them as part of the Council’s expanded kerbside collection service.

With over 17,500 bins to be delivered and it’s expected it will take until late June for the rollout to be completed.  The first bins will be delivered in Cust before contractors move on to areas of Sefton and Oxford.

Solid Waste Manager, Kitty Waghorn, says residents should check they have the correct bins before collecting them from the street, “Each bin will have a sticker with its property address, so people should check the side of the bin before they move them onto their property.”

Kitty says although it’s exciting to see the bins arrive, residents will need to wait a little longer before using them, “We know people will be eager to use the bins, however it’s important our residents wait until 1 July when the service starts, as they won’t be collected before then.”

There will also be some changes to collections. Rubbish will move to a fortnightly collection, organics will be collected weekly and a few streets will have their collection days or recycling weeks changed.

Information packs will be delivered to homes in the kerbside collection area in late June providing residents with a wealth of information about the new service. Included will be new calendars, outlining which fortnights recycling and rubbish will be collected.

Alongside the bin rollout, the Council is also introducing its new waste minimisation brand, Rethink Rubbish which will replace Recycle Waimakariri. Kitty says the new brand is better fit for the expanded kerbside collection service and reflects the Council’s thought process behind minimising waste.

“Recycling is important, however we need to completely rethink how we treat rubbish, and reduce the amount of waste we’re creating in the first place.  Rethink Rubbish is about the Council and community working together towards more effective waste minimisation and management in our District.”

Public education will play a critical role in the Councils commitment to minimising waste. Kitty says that by successfully encouraging many people to make small changes, a big difference can be made to the amount of material that ends up in the landfill.