Support Continues For Art Expo

Published: 08-Mar-2019

The Oxford-Ohoka Community Board continued to show support for the Waimakariri Arts Trust-Kaiapoi Art Expo at a meeting last week.

Swannanoa Country FairThe Board received a grant application from the Waimakariri Arts Trust-Kaiapoi Art Expo. Demonstrating their continued support of the event, the Board allocated the Waimakariri Arts Trust $500 - to be held until June.

This will go toward promoting the expo in local papers. The event will take place across 14 and 15 July, with the 2019 edition to be the 14th successful event.

While Community Board meetings are an important forum, they are simply one way in which the Board members serve their communities.

Board members regularly attend public events, activities and meetings to interact and engage with the public – such as the recent Swannanoa Country Fair on Sunday 3March.

Doug Nicholl, Board Chair says, “Events like the Swannanoa Country Fair are a great platform for us to initiate conversations with members of our communities in a relaxed and informal setting. Whether it’s a comment, query, concern or suggestion, all forms of feedback arm us as a Board to advocate our communities’ interests.” Fair attendees were eager to discuss happenings around the draft annual plan and the new kerbside collection service.

The Community Board will meet again next month on Wednesday 3 April, 7 pm at the Mandeville Sports Club.