Opportunity for Mature Drivers to Brush up on Skills

Published: 08-Mar-2019

Driving a vehicle is a complicated task which can be affected by many different things, such as age, physical condition and experience.

As we get older our ability to judge distance and speed, hear and see clearly and react quickly can be affected.

While we may have years of driving experience behind us, the roads have become busier and sometimes vehicles travel faster than what we are used to.

Road Safety Co-ordinator Kathy Graham says keeping up to date with road rules and skills on the road is important for all ages and promoting opportunities to keep skills up to date is part of the Council’s Road Safety Action Plan to keep all road users safe.

“In conjunction with Age Concern courses targeted at mature drivers are being held in the district over the next couple of months,” Kathy says.  “The free classroom based course runs from 9.30am to 2.45pm and covers a number of topics including new road rules, identifying hazards, planning routes and much more.”

“We would encourage anyone in the community who wishes to increase confidence in their driving, learn new skills, or refresh old skills, to contact Age Concern and book into one of the courses that are coming up,” Kathy says.

The courses are being held from 9.30am to 2.45pm:

Monday 18 March 2019Oxford Town Hall
Wednesday 3 April 2019Charles Upham Village, Rangiora
Tuesday 30 April 2019Woodend Community Centre
Wednesday 8 May 2019Kaiapoi Community Centre
Wednesday 15 May 2019Charles Upham Village, Rangiora

Contact Age Concern on 03 366 0903 to book.