Dudley Park Aquatic Centre Closing for Maintenance

Published: 13-Mar-2019

The upcoming maintenance closure of Dudley Park Aquatic Centre  may mean customers will have to visit Kaiapoi for their regular swim.

MaintentanceThe facility will be closing from Monday 8 April until Thursday 25 April to allow for plant maintenance. During this time contractors will carry out work on pumps that usually run 24/7, inspect areas that are normally underwater and make repairs to the pools and changing rooms.  This maintenance only takes place every three to four years, and is scheduled for quietest part of the year.

Kaiapoi Aquatic Centre & Facilities Asset Manager, Keith Walker, says “There is never an ideal time to close a facility as busy as Dudley, however the closure has been timed to minimise the overall impact on customers and occurs at what is traditionally a slower period for us.”

One reason for the extended closure is the installation of new tiles and sealant, which require around 10 days to cure before the pools can be refilled.

Keith says, “We recognise it's an inconvenience, so we appreciate our customer’s understanding while we perform necessary plant maintenance.”

WaiSwim customers have only been charged for a shorter 10 week term when booking and customers with Memberships will receive an automatic extension to compensate for the closure.

Reception at Dudley Park Aquatic Centre will remain open for bookings and between the hours of 7.15am and 5.30pm during the maintenance period and pool users will also be welcome at Kaiapoi Aquatic Centre.