Oxford Rural No.1 Water Supply to be Shut Down for 24 Hours

Published: 07-Feb-2019

The water level in the aquifer that supplies Oxford Rural No. 1 water supply scheme has declined in recent weeks due to the hot weather and lack of rainfall. Because of the low level Waimakariri District Council will be shutting the water supply off for a day to undertake maintenance work which will make the main bore that supplies the Oxford Rural No.1 water supply scheme (the McPhedrons Road well) more resilient.

Water Asset Manager Colin Roxburgh says the drop in water level is due to the wider aquifer level lowering over summer. And because of the ongoing weather it has triggered the need to improve the resilience of the source both in the short and long term.

“During summer we know that our aquifers drop in level. We appreciate this shutdown will inconvenience some residents but this work needs to be undertaken to help ensure we can continue to supply water over the coming hot weeks and months.”

This maintenance work will involve lowering the well pump approximately 18m below where it is currently installed. To do this the well pump will need to be taken offline from midday today (February 7), and reinstalled at its new depth tomorrow afternoon. There is a second deep well supplying the scheme on Rockford Road that will remain in service during this time, but this pump will not be able to keep up with the full demand on the scheme. What this will mean is:

  • Residents will receive a text/email alert about this shut down today
  • Residents on the Oxford Rural No.1 water supply scheme will continue to receive water as normal until later tonight (estimated to be approximately 10pm)
  • Once the reservoir supply has run out tonight, there will be a loss of supply until sometime tomorrow afternoon (estimated at approximately 3pm). During this time residents will need to run off their individual storage tanks, and be conservative with their use
  • Once the well pump is reinstalled tomorrow afternoon, normal supply will resume.

“We’d like to appeal to scheme users to be conservative with their water use during this time as the more conservative they are the longer the reservoir supply will last.

“From a general perspective we also would like to remind users on all of our water supplies to always be conservative with their water use over summer.  This is the time when our aquifers that provide our water are at their lowest and also when demand it the highest.“

The Council will provide a further update as work progresses to let residents know when normal supply has resumed.

If you have any questions please contact the Council on 0800 965 468 (0800WMKGOV).