Enhancing Ecological Reserves

Published: 08-Mar-2019

As Rangiora develops to the East, the Council are continuing to enhance open spaces and reserves.  We are now looking to improve the land known as Sparks Land Reserve on Northbrook Road and would love to know what you think about the concept plan.

The plan proposes to enhance this storm water reserve for recreational purposes.  It includes installing a new bridge at the site of an old farm bridge to provide connection to other recreational areas such as Northbrook Wetlands.  Native planting will add character and the extension of the shingle pathway will link back to the car park from the open grass area.

Chris Brown, Manager, Community and Recreation says, “This is an opportunity to support the native species in this environment while providing access and connections for residents to use and enjoy the space.”

Sparks Land contains multiple springs forming the headwaters of the Cam River.  It has Koura, Eel and Inanga present so has significant ecological value and is important in efforts to improve the freshwater quality of the Cam River.

This is the first stage of the proposal and, if additional funding is available, the second stage includes more native planting and a connection to the existing pathway through a new culvert over the current waterway.

You can find out more or provide your feedback on the proposal here