Busy Laneway Being Made Safer

Published: 28-Feb-2019

The service area behind New World Rangiora is undergoing a re-vamp.

The Council have worked with New World Rangiora and surrounding businesses to develop plans to improve the service lane, and create  safer links from the Gables Arcade to the supermarket, and across Good Street towards Conway Lane.

Council’s Roading Manager Joanne McBride says “We’re really pleased to carrying out this work. It’s a busy area with forklifts and trucks servicing the supermarket as well as pedestrian foot traffic.”

“Once completed, it will be more pleasant to walk and drive through, and it will make the area safer for all of the different users.”

The supermarket will have its own fenced loading area separated from pedestrians and motorists, and there will be a new footpath on the southern side of the laneway between Good Street and the Gables Arcade. Raised pedestrian platforms will allow safer passage for pedestrians.

Work started in late January and will be completed before Apri and contractors report that the work is progressing well.

During the work, supermarket operations will continue. A temporary loading area is in place in the eastern carpark to allow goods to be moved safely and with as little disruption as possible.

This has temporarily removed about 24 carparks. Another smaller area to the north of the carpark has been removed to allow for truck movements.

Once the work is completed, the laneway will be one way eastbound. Vehicles will enter from Good Street and exit at the east of the laneway across the carpark. Look out for pedestrian detours and closures of the laneway during the work period.