Speed Limit Changes for Woodend Roads

Published: 23-Jan-2019

Drivers will need to slow down on several Rangiora and Woodend area roads next week when new speed limits come into effect.

Reduced speed limits of 50km/h and 80km/h will be in place from Monday 28 January 2019.

Waimakariri District Council Road Safety Co-ordinator Kathy Graham says the increases in traffic, housing development and the addition of the cycle path were all factors when considering lower speeds for the area.  There has also been strong community support for lower speeds.

“What once was a very rural area has changed and consequently so have the risks for road users,” Kathy says. “Lower speeds are one way we can help reduce that risk.”

Police Sergeant Rene Pabst deals daily with road users who either make poor choices or simply make mistakes when driving, often with serious consequences.

“If you have to brake suddenly, take evasive action or have a crash, the speed you are travelling at determines the outcome,” Rene says.  Regardless of what causes a crash, speed always plays a part and can be the difference between someone walking away from a crash or not.”

Police will be paying attention to the area when the new speed limits come into effect on Monday 28 January.

The following speed limits will change:

  • Rangiora Woodend Road, from 170m north west of Bob Robertson Drive to the existing 50km/h speed limit north west of School Road, reduces to 50km/h
  • Rangiora Woodend Road, from the end of the existing 80km/h speed limit east of Smarts Road to 170m north west of Bob Robertson Drive, reduces to 80km/h
  • Gressons Road reduces to 80km/h
  • Boys Road, from Rangiora Woodend Road to the existing 50km/h speed limit east of the railway line, reduces to 80km/h
  • Northbrook Road, from Boys Road to the existing 50km/h speed limit east of Goodwin Street, reduces to 80km/h;
  • Harris Road reduces to 80 km/hr.

Name: Kathy Graham

Phone: 0800 965 468