River Mouth Shift Leaves Cars Beached

Published: 21-Jan-2019

A number of unlucky beach users found themselves stranded at Pines Beach over the weekend as high tides cut off vehicle access at Kairaki.

The position of the Waimakariri River mouth has significantly changed over recent weeks, meaning access to the beach is now drastically limited by tides.

Getting cut off can mean a lengthy wait until the tide changes and vehicles can drive out again.

Council staff are planning to install warning signage at the entrance of the beach and are urging drivers to check the tides before heading out and to return to Kairaki well before the next high tide.

Beach Access times are expected to be highly variable, with extra high tides currently extensively affecting the window of time available

Under the Northern Pegasus Bay Bylaw, access for vehicles is only permitted for the transport of recreational equipment such as boats, surf boards and fishing gear.

Find out more about the beach Bylaw here.