Clean Up Following Wednesday Winds

Published: 24-Jan-2019

Following the strong winds on Wednesday evening, Council contractors have been tasked with a fair amount of cleaning up.


Calls were received to attend a fallen tree adjacent to the second roundabout at Pegasus Town.

The tree caused damage to a streetlight and MainPower attended to make it safe and to carry out repairs.

Clearance of the tree will be co-ordinated between Council officers and contractors.

In the same location, local fire crews attended a localised fire that significantly burnt a number of native grass/flax areas located both on the main roundabout and in adjacent street gardens.

Council staff have co-ordinated with maintenance contractors to arrange for an initial clear up, with any remaining vegetation tidied and the area made safe.

The Council will monitor the planted areas to inform future work as it heads towards the seasonal in-fill planting around the District.

The Council are aware of most of the issues with Council owned trees and are working through them on a priority basis. Staff ask residents to please be patient as they arrange clean-up crews to address damage.

Anyone with concerns about fallen trees or debris in public areas can reach the Council’s Customer Service Team on 0800 965 468.


Due to high winds and power outages there was a loss of pressure on the water supply at Waikuku Beach for about 20 minutes around 6pm yesterday.

The power coming on and off a number of times caused a fault with the Waikuku pump. An operator resolved the issue, however supply was lost in the meantime.

Staff are looking at whether the programming of the generator can be improved to resolve the starting and stopping issue when the power supply is intermittent. This would reduce the likelihood of this happening in the future.

The Council would like to thank residents for their patience yesterday. It also acknowledges that there were a number of issues experienced last year with water pressure. More information will be sent to all residents in the coming weeks detailing these past events, as well as reassurance of the steps taken to reduce the risk of future outages occurring.