Water in Woodend

Published: 19-Dec-2018

A local resident has brought the discolouration of some water from the supply in Woodend to the attention of the Council this week. We thought we would take the opportunity to explain how the water is treated, why you might experience some discolouration and what to do if this happens on you.

The Woodend water supply scheme has a high quality water source from a safety point of view, with deep secure wells. However, the raw water requires treatment for manganese that can cause the discolouration. The water is completely safe but we do understand that it can look a bit unpleasant from time to time.

To address this discolouration the water treatment plant at Chinnerys Road has a manganese removal filter that is regularly inspected and the filter at the plant has been working well. Samples are taken weekly to monitor the efficiency of the filter and recent results from the laboratory have confirmed recent manganese concentrations are below detection limits.

In addition to the filter at the treatment plant, a scheme-wide flushing programme is also carried out quarterly for the Woodend water supply to further mitigate manganese build up in the reticulation. The next flushing is due in early January 2019.

The discolouration observed in the Woodend water is due to manganese build up in the reticulation or private pipework and is, at this stage, an isolated incident or incidents.

To remove this build up you could run the water through your taps for 10 – 15 minutes or turn on your outside supply for a similar time and this may help to clear the build up. If this happens to you please contact the Council on 0800 965 468 to report the issue.