Safe Holiday Journeys on our Wish List

Published: 21-Dec-2018

‘Tis Christmas time, a time of joy, a time to get-together
We’re all hoping it will be warm and sunny summer weather
We’ll hit the road to see our loved ones, or get the bbq started
We’ll laugh and smile with ones who are here and remember those departed

At holiday time the roads are busy, so let’s all take it slow
That other driver behind the wheel just might be someone you know
Give others space, courtesy and time – keep a safe distance behind
There’s no need to get so close and others will think you kind

Be patient, check twice, make sure you’re refreshed, check your car is all up to scratch
Give cyclists room, their vulnerable too, and the road is part of their patch
Buckle up front and back, it’s not hard to do
Helmet, gloves, good boots are needed if your wheels are just two

Watch your speed, it’s not a race, less speed means less harm
Your safe road use will be seen by many as a big part of your charm
If drinking no driving, plan ahead to be sure
Get your mates all home safely, right to their door

Tell those you love to take care on the road
However they travel, whatever the mode
Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and happy New Year and safe journeys wherever you may be

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