New Water Supply Springs into Action for Oxford Rural Number 1

Published: 06-Dec-2018

After months of observing a boil water notice, the Oxford Rural Number 1 community is thrilled to have the new source for their water supply commissioned and operational.

The scheme previously abstracted water from the Waimakariri River which can suffer from very high turbidity (cloudiness) when the river is in flood. The chlorine treatment system alone was not sufficient to remove all contaminants, and the scheme did not comply with the drinking water standards for New Zealand.

The water is now sourced from a 105 metre-deep well in the McPhedrons Road area, which yields enough pristine water to supply the current scheme and meet predicted growth over the next 50 years.  In addition to the new well, a treatment facility and five kilometre long pipeline have been constructed.

Since the new source came online last week, extensive flushing of the pipelines has been carried out to draw the new water through the system. Following this, three consecutive days of E. coli testing returned clear results enabling the boil water notice that has been in place for 10 months to be lifted.

“We are very pleased we were able to fast track this essential programme of work,” Council’s Water Asset Manager Colin Roxburgh says.

“Initially we anticipated it could be 12 months from when the boil water notice was issued before the new source would be online, but we managed to deliver the project in 10 months from this time, which is great news for the community. This was in part due to the Council completing the design and contract management in-house within the Project Delivery Unit, which had the added benefit of reducing design costs.

“We are grateful to residents for their support of our vision for a new and improved source of water and the patience they have shown as the upgrade was delivered. The community now has a vastly improved water supply that is much more resilient than the old supply, with excellent quality water and ample capacity.”