Durham Street Parking Probation Starts

Published: 06-Dec-2018

A parking probation period will soon start for users of the Durham Street Carpark, as Council makes moves to begin enforcing the two-hour time limit.

Canny people who work in town have discovered the area has been unenforced and have enjoyed parking all-day in the area.

In the lead up to the festive season, it’s important for retailers that there’s regular turnover of parking for customers – which means starting enforcement in this area.

Environmental Services Manager Malcolm Johnston says, “We acknowledge that this area’s been unenforced to date and it takes some time to change habits so will have a wee probation period for people who have been parking all-day in this area.”

With the probation period ending next week on 10 December, the timing works well for those wanting to come in to do their holiday season preparations.

“If you’re one of the all-day parkers in this carpark, look out for a warning notice on your windscreen letting you know of the upcoming changes,” says Malcolm.