Re-Work for Smith Street

Published: 02-Nov-2018

Over the last eight months Smith Street in Kaiapoi has been bustling with construction activity while the Council upgraded the Smith Street and Williams Street Intersection.

While the majority of work went as planned, an issue with the installation of the water main was identified during construction, resulting in the need to repair an area where the ground has subsided between Williams Street and Princess Place.

Roading Manager Joanne McBride says it’s not uncommon for issues to be identified post construction as part of the Council’s commitment to providing a high standard of workmanship.

“It’s unfortunate that this re-work needs to be done, but it’s important that we receive a quality end-product on behalf of our residents.”

As the fault was caused during installation, the repairs will be completed by the contractors and are not an additional cost to ratepayers. The repair involves digging a 1.5-2m wide trench along the water main and will resolve ground subsidence that has occurred in this area.

An area of Smith Street has been cordoned off in preparation for the work, which starts on Monday 5 November and is expected to take around four weeks to complete.

Joanne said the Council will do as much as they can to minimise disruption to nearby homes.

“We would like to thank residents in the area for their patience while the final work is completed.”

Impacts of the work:

  • There may be restricted access to driveways from time to time. Access will be restored at the end of each day
  • On-street parking will be affected in the work area. Cones will indicate where parking or access will not be available
  • Traffic management will be in place, please follow on-site signage including any temporary speed restrictions.

Name: Joanne McBride

Phone: 0800 965 468