Kerbside Bins Are Coming...What Will You Choose?

Published: 06-Jul-2018

In preparation for the kerbside collection service which starts from July 2019, Council are asking ratepayers in the kerbside collection area what service they would like, for their property to ready themselves for the roll out. Additional bin services will come at an extra cost in the property’s rates.

Information packs are being prepared and will be delivered to ratepayers in the collection area next week. The pack will explain in detail how people can make their choice, which can be online or via a supplied freepost selection card.

Council’s Solid Waste Asset Manager Kitty Waghorn says “It may seem early to be asking people what service they want when it won’t begin until July next year, but we need to let businesses tendering to run the service know how many bins they’ll be dealing with. It’s important that we get that information now. We also need to be able to set the 2019/20 rates for properties that choose bins and make sure we get the right bins to the right properties when the service rolls out.”

Kitty says while bins may be a convenient option for many, the driver behind the introduction of the bin system is to reduce the amount of material ending up in the landfill from our district. “Over half of people’s kerbside rubbish is compostable. By introducing the rubbish and organics bins, we’ll be diverting about 270 trucks from the landfill which is significant.  Reducing waste from the landfill also saves ratepayer dollars in the long run as the cost of creating new landfills can be deferred.”

During public consultation in March and April this year, the Council put forward two options for consideration. The Council’s preference was a ‘Your Choice’ kerbside collection service and the majority of submitters also preferred this option. It was formally adopted on 19 June and work is underway to get ready for the service to start next year.

With the expanded ‘Your Choice’ Kerbside Collection Service there are a multitude of choices available for different prices, including remaining with the WDC rubbish bags.

Ratepayers should look out for this envelope in mail next week or visit our website and use the unique code supplied on the letter to make their choice.

Name: Kitty Waghorn

Phone: 0800 965 468