Rangiora Woodend Road Speed Limits: Time for Change?

Published: 29-May-2018

Making sure our roads are safe to travel on for both our local communities and visitors to our district is a high priority for Council. As areas develop the nature and use of some of our roads change. Rangiora Woodend Road is one of those roads which has seen an increase in traffic volumes over the last five years.

In addition the new cycleway running alongside Rangiora Woodend Road will enable more pedestrians and cyclists to use the road.  New commercial and housing developments at both ends of Rangiora Woodend Road will also likely see more traffic in the area.

Council wants to know what residents and those that travel through the area think about the current speed limits on Rangiora Woodend Road and some of the side roads.

Senior Transport Engineer Bill Rice says “Communities have an important role to play in contributing to discussions about making local roads safer and we want to hear what they think about these particular roads and the current speed limits.”

“We would like to hear if the community thinks the speed limits on these roads are appropriate as they are or need to change.

“Any formal review of the speed limits and recommended changes as a result of the feedback will include public consultation before any decisions are made.”

The roads feedback is sought on are:

  • Rangiora Woodend Road between the existing 80km/h sign east of Smarts Road to the 70km/h sign at Chinnerys Road – current speed limit 100km/h
  • Rangiora Woodend Road from Chinnerys Road to School Road – current speed limit 70km/h
  • Gressons Road - current speed limit 100km/h
  • Boys Road from the railway line to Rangiora Woodend Road– current speed limit 100km/h
  • Northbrook Road east of Goodwin Street to Boys Road – current speed limit 100km/h

Staff will be at the following locations next week to talk to the community about the speed limits:

  • Woodend Community Centre, 7 May 2018, 3pm-7pm
  • PAK’n SAVE, Rangiora, 9 May 2018, 11am-2pm

To find out more and feedback visit http://www.waimakariri.govt.nz/have-a-say/lets-talk/consultations/rangiora-woodend-road-speed-limits