Waimakariri A Gateway for the World

Published: 28-May-2018

Migrants from 21 different countries have taken the oath as New Zealand citizens in Waimakariri so far this year, after the third Citizenship ceremony of 2018 was held in the Rangiora Town Hall.

Mayor David Ayers swore in 35 new Kiwis, with 13 different countries being represented amongst the residents who gave their allegiance to our country and Queen.

Mayor Ayers says, “It is just fantastic to see how our District continues to grow with such a mix of people bringing their diverse experiences and backgrounds with them, and adding value to our communities.”20180413 - World Flags

To date, 105 people have gained their citizenship in the Waimakariri this year, with the range of countries from which they hail as diverse as Poland, Cambodia and Jordan.

Depending on the demand, the Council can hold between eight and 10 citizenship ceremonies each year and can welcome up to 300 new citizens through these events.

Participants are generally accompanied by family and friends at the events, many of whom have previously sworn the oath of allegiance themselves.

“Citizenship [of this country] is something we who were born in New Zealand can sometimes take for granted but these are important moments in the lives of each and every person who takes part,” Mayor Ayers says.

“These ceremonies represent the ultimate commitment to New Zealand, and in most of the cases in the ceremonies that we host, Waimakariri, as their home.

“Being able to welcome these new Kiwis as they take the oath is something I really enjoy as you can see how much it means to them.”

While European and Pacific countries traditionally provide much of the District’s immigration, the spread of countries represented among new citizens this year alone, highlights both the level of mobility the world’s populace has these days, but also the raised profile New Zealand has as an attractive destination.

If you were wondering about Australia’s absence from the list, it’s largely because Australians can reside in New Zealand with nearly all of the rights of a full citizen, under a reciprocal agreement between the two neighbours that accords much the same for Kiwis resident in Oz.

The full list of countries our newest citizens have hailed from this year is: Austria, Brazil, Cambodia, France, Fiji, Germany, India, Ireland, Jordan, Malta, Namibia, Netherlands, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Samoa, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, United Kingdom and the United States of America. 

Congratulations to all of the new citizens.

Welcome to our District.