Board Updated on Community Connection

Published: 28-May-2018

The Council’s Community Development Team will provide a report to the Rangiora-Ashley Community Board about the outcomes from the community survey conducted in the Kippenberger Estate in 2017 at its April meeting tomorrow night.

Image representing a connected communityThe Council’s Community Development Advisor Madeleine Burdon, along with local University students, carried out a pilot survey aiming to find out from residents whether they felt connected to each other and to the wider township.  Evidence based research shows that social connection is a major factor in promoting wellbeing, and the Council was keen to find out more from its residents. Kippenberger Estate was chosen for its achievable size (around 200 households) and because it had been settled over a period of five to six years.

Following this, the Board will consider a Rangiora-Ashley Community Board Discretionary Grant from Waimakariri Arts Trust – Kaiapoi Art Expo for $500 towards the running costs of the Kaiapoi Art Expo and Schools’ Art Expo.

With Anzac Day approaching, a report seeking approval of Board representation at wreath laying services within the Rangiora-Ashley community area will be considered.

Concerns raised by the Chair of Riding for the Disabled (RDA) about three Council owned Monterey Pine trees located in leased land between Millton Avenue and the Ashley River will be discussed.

The trees are close to a frequently used storage container within the leased area, and the Chair of RDA has requested that the trees be removed on the basis that they are dangerous and hazardous to users of the facility.  Needles from the trees also form a carpet of rotting material on the roof of the container, preventing stormwater run-off. There are concerns from RDA that in time this will cause rust to form.

Lastly, staff will update the Board about potential stop bank work around the Ashley River.

The Rangiora-Ashley Community Board meeting will be held at 7pm on Wednesday 11 April at 215 High Street, Rangiora and all are welcome to attend.