Temporary Water Shut Downs For Kaiapoi

Published: 28-May-2018

Residents in properties on the north and south side of the Williams Street/Smith Street intersection, including some of Smith Street and Princess Place will have their water turned off on Thursday and Friday, as contractors work to install a newly installed section of water main.

Drinking waterThursday’s shut down will see properties on the south side of the intersection, including some of Smith Street and Princess Place without water between 1pm and 5pm. On Friday it’s the northern sides turn, with water off between 10am and 2pm. Contractors have planned the shut downs to occur at the least inconvenient time to keep disruption to a minimum.

Residents in the affected areas are asked to take care not to leave taps on as the water supply may be restored at any time. Once the water is back on, the cold tap should be run in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry for around 30 seconds each, or until an even flow is achieved. This process will help remove any air that may have entered the pipework.

The newly installed section of water main at the Smith Street/Williams Street intersection will be connected into the Council’s water reticulation system and is being done as part of a larger project to upgrade the intersection and install a roundabout.

View maps showing the location of properties affected by the shut down.