Rangiora’s Southern Entrance on Community Board Table for Enhancement

Published: 28-May-2018

Red carpet treatment could be given to Rangiora’s southern entrance, as moves are made to visually enhance the gateway to the town centre.  The improvements are subject to approval of a report being received at the Rangiora-Ashley Community Board meeting tomorrow night.

Example of plant species for Rangiora Town Centre entranceThe Board will meet in the Loburn Pavilion at 7pm on Wednesday 14 March and one of the key agenda items is the improvement of the Rangiora Town Centre entrance at Lineside Road.  

The improvement work will involve planting on the new roadside berms and the creation of new planting areas in the area between the railway line and the Passchendaele Memorial Path road crossing on Southbrook Road.

Community Board Chair Jim Gerard says “The work will improve the visual appearance of the southern entrance to Rangiora, an area which the Board and members of the community are looking forward to seeing enhanced. Temporary bollards are preventing cars from parking on the grass roadside for now and the landscape plan identifies a more permanent solution, which we are pleased to see.”

The Rangiora-Ashley Community Board had already identified this as a priority and allocated $30,000 from its General Landscaping Budget, which will be complemented by a further extension of the existing kerb towards the rail crossing.

Staff are also preparing a report for Council to consider which will seek funding to prepare a strategic plan for town entrances in the district.

The image to the right shows possible planting species and ideas.

This is a public meeting. Find out more detailed information about this meeting here.