Northbrook Ponds Set for Emergency Work

Published: 28-May-2018

Recent flooding following last month’s ‘visit’ by the remnants of ex-Cyclone Gita have necessitated a plan for emergency work near Northbrook Ponds starting on Wednesday.

During the work, which is expected to take a week, access to the Northbrook Ponds Reserve from the Cotter Lane Car Park and the adjacent bridge to the Community facilities to the North will not be possible.

The footpath will be closed.   20180316_Northbrook Pond

Access to the Reserve will still possible from the Springbrook Close/Willowby Lane footpaths.

The works include the construction of:

  • A secondary overland flow path for the Railway Drain
  • A footpath diversion to the public toilets access
  • An increased height of the northern bank of the Railway Drain near the inlet to Northbrook Settling Pond

Once the work is completed, the main footpath from the Cotter Lane car park will be reinstated, but will include a ramp down and back up to accommodate the secondary overland flow path from the Railway Drain. 

During severe rainfall, water will flow over the footpath at this location, although you can avoid getting your feet wet by using the bridge to the north of the public toilet facilities which provides an alternative means of access.

Signs will be erected warning of the potential hazard and alternative route.