It’s LTP Time: Let’s Talk About Rates

Published: 28-May-2018

How should we spend your rates?  What would you like to see in your District through the next 10 years and beyond?  If you’ve got a view, we’d like to hear it, and now’s the chance to do exactly that, with the four-week submission period for the Long Term Plan (LTP) having opened.

LTPThumb_FeatureBetween March 9 and April 9, we are consulting on a wide range of Council work programmes and their accompanying budgets.

Every three years the Council reviews its work programmes and budgets for the coming 10 years.

Now is a pivotal time for Waimakariri.

This 10 year plan, to prepare for growth and future community provision, the Council is proposing four key projects we would like your feedback on. To help with this, use our online rates calculator which will show the approximate cost of the projects you select and how this will affect your rates over the next five years.  

With our population expected to rise from 59,000 currently to 97,000 by 2048, we need to ensure growth of this scale is well planned, integrated and financially sustainable.

Mayor David Ayers says “Planning for the longer term future is especially important in a growing District. There are a number of projects and initiatives that you’ve previously identified as important and we are now proposing for the next Long Term Plan”.

One of these initiatives is a proposal to build a multi-use sports facility, which has been discussed for a few years. A design has been completed, which Council believes will meet the community’s need for a multi-use District-wide space to accommodate a wide range of indoor and recreational activities.

Council’s preference is to start building the facility now for several reasons, including the provision to accommodate existing needs and future growth and demand sooner. We want to find out from the community whether they agree with Council’s preference, if it should be deferred, or whether people do not want to see a facility at all.

Kerbside collection services is back for public feedback. Last year we asked you which of the three options you would prefer. Now we’re asking you to choose your individual requirements, of which there are 14 different choices including staying with the WDC rubbish bags. The only change with staying with the bags is that they would be collected fortnightly.

The rates increase for this option would vary depending on your service choice, but would range between $86 pa for the current 240L recycling bin, plus $3 per bag for WDC rubbish bags, up to $371.

With population growth also comes demand for community facilities. Council is proposing to expand the Rangiora Library by 80%, and to provide a new library and community space to service the growing Woodend/Pegasus area. It’s also looking to set aside Council owned land to make it available for community groups to locate their own buildings. We want to hear what you think about this.

Council also needs to ensure funds are set aside to fully implement the Recovery Plan for regeneration areas in Kaiapoi, The Pines Beach and Kairaki. Council’s preference is to increase the budget up to 20 million, a cost of $40 per property per year. This option would allow Council to deliver the majority of the work programme within the next three years. We’re asking whether you think the budget should be increased, or the work programme deferred.

Water management is also one of the key issues in the LTP, with a focus on the sustainable management of water resources. Over the first four years of the LTP Council has included $3M to ensure drinking water meets the required standards. Infrastructure improvements are included to reduce wet weather wastewater overflows in Rangiora and Kaiapoi, improve urban stormwater quality and reduce flooding in the District.

Consultation with the community on the Draft LTP is a vital check that Council is on the right track or not, as it’s you, the community, who are the main funder of Council services through rates. Make sure you take this opportunity to tell us what you think. A Draft LTP Consultation Document that summarises the main issues is available. Look out for that and we’ll be out in the community at various locations until feedback closes on 9 April.

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