Bus for Free to Eats and Beats

Published: 28-May-2018

Encouraging people to plan ahead and stay safe on our roads is one of the key drivers behind a free bus service being provided for the Eats and Beats music and food festival in Victoria Park on Saturday 7 April.

Road Safety Co-ordinator Kathy Graham is encouraging people to consider taking the bus and leaving the car at home. Bus route map for Eats and Beats

“Often we go out with the intention of either not drinking or only having one or two drinks, thinking we’ll be fine to drive,” she says.  “But it’s easy to get caught up in the atmosphere and all too quickly you’ve had more than a couple and you’re faced with that dilemma of whether you are safe to drive”.

“Making a decision before you leave home is the easiest way to ensure no-one subsequently makes a choice that could cost them or someone else, either physically or financially,” Kathy says. 

Eats and Beats is a great event that we want to see all the family enjoy and get home safely from.

The free bus will do three trips from Kaiapoi via Woodend to Ashley Street in Rangiora and return later in the evening.

The first pick up in Kaiapoi will be on Williams Street just north of Ohoka Road.

The bus will stop if signalled at regular bus stops on the way to Woodend where it will travel down Woodend Road before continuing down Rangiora Woodend Road to Ashely Street by New World. 

It is then just a 400m walk to Victoria Park.

Once in Rangiora the bus will do a loop of the town (refer map) before heading back to Kaiapoi. Users are asked to wait at designated bus stops or if there is no bus stop nearby signal to the driver.

“Alcohol related crashes in our District continue to impact on our community in many ways so we’re keen to see people take advantage of the free bus and enjoy a safe and fun night.”

Timetable (approximate times):

Kaiapoi – Williams Street (north of Ohoka Road) bus departs at approx:

3pm, 4.10pm, 5.20pm

Woodend – bus departs at approx:

3.10pm, 4.20pm, 5.30pm

Rangiora Loop – (see map) departs at approx.:

3.30pm, 4.35pm, 5.50pm, 6.15pm, 6.45pm