Boil Water Notice Issued for Oxford Rural No.2 Water Supply Scheme

Turbidity levels in the water supply servicing the Oxford Rural no. 2 water supply scheme have reached the threshold where a boil water notice has had to be issued. The turbidity has been caused by today’s rain.

Although yesterday’s rain wasn’t extensive, it was enough to mean that the chlorination of the water may not be able to be relied upon to treat potential contaminants in the water. Kettle of water boiling

Council shut down the intake on the scheme briefly, in the hope that the cloudy water would clear in the interim, allowing the water supply to be restarted without any noticeable impact for residents.

Unfortunately this didn’t provide enough time for the water to clear. The intake pump was started up again to pump through the moderately turbid water. While this action is in progress, residents on the scheme are advised to boil their water on a rolling boil prior to drinking it. Given that this was a rain event that was short in duration, it is hoped the notice will be able to be lifted quickly. To stay informed for any future events, it is strongly advised that you register your details with Council for text / email alerts if you have not done so already.