8 March Oxford-Ohoka Community Board Meeting Recap

Published: 28-May-2018

The Oxford-Ohoka Community Board held its monthly meeting on Thursday, 8 March at the Ohoka Community Hall.

boardPrior to the meeting, the Board took the opportunity to undertake a site visit of the Mandeville Sports Grounds. This positive experience allowed the Board to refamiliarise themselves with the large area complex, the covers, and the types of clubs and organisations that make use of the sporting amenities year round.

On the topic of the Annual Kaiapoi Art Expo and Schools Art Expo funding, coming up later this year in July, the Board fully supported this two-day event by contributing $500 to be used for promotional advertising. The event encourages community participation in creative and artistic events, workshops, projects, and exhibitions in the Waimakariri District.

The Board had a productive workshop facilitated by the Council’s Community and Greenspace Manager, Chris Brown. They discussed potential landscape projects for the next 12 months made possible by the Board’s landscape budget. Eleven projects were identified with varying support and plenty of information gathered to enable staff to bring a report for formal consideration at the April meeting. The Board was pleased that the projects discussed are well distributed across the whole Oxford-Ohoka community area.

The consultation for resource consent applications submitted by Canterbury Landscape Supplies to Environment Canterbury, of which the Board has advocated against, Board Chair Doug Nicholl provided an update on ongoing participation. Doug spent two days listening to both applicant and submitter comments earlier this week and of significant interest, was questions posed by the independent commissioners. The Board awaits for the outcome on this issue expected in the coming weeks.

An expression of thanks was delivered to the Board via letter from the Ashley Gorge Advisory Group for financially supporting their conservation efforts resulting in the capture of 38 possums within a two week period, among other pests. The Board also thanked Board Member James Ensor for his recent contribution in supplying and transporting shingle material to the Ashley Gorge for the maintenance and repair of tracks.

The next meeting of the Oxford-Ohoka Community Board is scheduled for Thursday 5 April 2018 commencing at 7.00 p.m., at the West Eyreton Hall on Earlys Road.

To learn more about the Oxford-Ohoka Community Board, visit their Board page online.