Council Watering Policy

There has been some comment in the community about council watering policy through the summer.  Council does not irrigate any berms or neighbourhood parks throughout the district. This is consistent with almost all other local authorities in New Zealand.

The reason is that the watering of berms and neighbourhood reserves is expensive, due to the ongoing cost of infrastructure.  If council were going to change its levels of watering service, it would have a direct effect on rates. 20171124_WaterSprinkler

At present, council will water sports fields, annual beds and juvenile trees. Sports fields are watered to ensure sufficient grass growth to allow safe play, annual beds and juvenile trees are watered to ensure survival through the summer period.

Grass can appear very dry and even dead looking however is still alive and does recover in Autumn.

When new subdivisions are developed, the developer often installs an irrigation system.  This assists the developer in promotion and sales of properties. When the land is vested to council, the irrigation systems are either taken from the ground or decommissioned.

Water is a valuable resource, which in North Canterbury during the summer months can become scarce. So far this month there has been little to no rain, and this may continue.  Council needs to make sure that it prioritises water usage and is conservative to ensure no negative environment effects are caused by unnecessary water usage.

If residents want to have a berm, which is green in appearance, they can use their own water system.  It is advisable not to water during the heat of the day as this will increase the level of evaporation.  Residents should be mindful of water conservation.

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