Sewer Pipe Commissioning for Kaiapoi

After six months of construction, contractors are now making preparations to commission a new sewer main in Kaiapoi. This main, servicing about 40% of Kaiapoi residents, replaces the existing pipe which was laid in 1986. Extensive earthquake damage destined the pipe for replacement.

Project Engineer On SiteSaturday 28 October is commissioning day, which will take place between 9am and 3.00pm. Residents in Vickery Street, near the Vickery Street/Ohoka Road intersection and Parnham Lane will notice several sucker trucks in the area. These will be taking care of sewerage flows in the old pipe while it switches over to the new during the commissioning phase.

The new pipe runs along Parnham Lane, Vickery Street, Ohoka Road, across KiwiRail land, along Charters street and across reserve land into an existing pipe connection at the Kaiapoi River near Raven Quay. It services properties in Kaiapoi West, Parnham Lane, Kaikanui and Sneyd Street. The new pipe, made from polyethylene, will increase sewerage capacity and provide a more robust wastewater system to these residents.