Passchendaele Remembered

Today Kaiapoi Returned Services Association led the town in the commemoration of the centennial anniversary of the battle at Passchendaele. The Kaiapoi RSA were supported by churches, schools, local scout group,  St John Ambulance, and Council elected members.

20171012_PasschendaeleThumbMany more people from the community turned out on a beautiful sunny morning to show their respect to those who had fallen. Music was provided by Kaiapoi and Rangiora Brass Bands.

This infamous battle of the First World War saw New Zealand troops including some from the Waimakariri District – fight and die alongside their British, Australian and Canadian counterparts. The 100-day battle on the western front was the biggest tragedy in New Zealand military history. On the first day of the attack, 846 New Zealanders lost their lives, more than any other single event in our post-1840 history. 

Waimakariri has a special link to the battle, being twinned with the Belgian municipality of Zonnebeke, which includes the Passchendaele battlefield.  Our Mayor David Ayers and other Council representatives are currently representing our district in a commemoration service in Zonnebeke.