Menacing Magpie Season

We’re in the midst of magpie nesting season and it lasts for approximately seven weeks.  During this time, these pesky birds are feeling a little over-protective and can dive bomb pedestrians and cyclists while looking out for their chicks.

It’s timely to raise awareness of magpie season as one of nature’s challenges that comes along each year.  Please don’t provoke the magpies, as they are very territorial.   It is important to try to stay calm, if you panic this is more likely to appear as aggressive behaviour and may provoke a further attack. 20171017_magpie

Here are a few hints and tips should you be pestered by these swooping menaces:

Keep alert and pay attention for any magpie nesting sites. If you spot a magpie nesting area stay well clear and remember that magpies are urban species too, they’re not just in rural areas.  You should keep an ear open for their distinctive calls and it might pay to travel in groups near any nesting sites as the birds often target individuals.  Another good protective measure is to wear sunglasses and a hat to protect your eyes and head.

If you are cycling, take precautionary measures such as putting plastic spikes up through your helmet and also paint or stick imitation ‘eyes’ onto the back of your helmet which seems to ward off magpies.  Sunglasses worn on the back of the helmet is another helpful hint.  If a magpie comes swooping in while you are cycling, it will probably stop if you get off your bike and walk.

Please take care around magpie nesting sites in the district.