Who Let the Dogs Out?

They are our ‘best friends’ but their natural curiosity can mean that our dogs go walkabout sometimes, which is one of the reasons why the Waimakariri District Council’s Animal Control Officer, Kerry Williams, is one of the team’s busiest men. Drew McLean, of Kaiapoi High School, caught up with Kerry this week to get the low down on both his role, and how to get your errant canine back!

Dogs are man’s best friend and because of that, we want to make sure that they are safe and sound. But dogs also have a tendency to run away, so I talked to Kerry Williams about how we can make sure our pooches return home safely.20170928_WhoLetTheDogsOut

When we get a puppy one of the first things we have to do is get them ‘microchipped’. What a microchip is, is a little device no bigger than a grain of rice that the pound or vet implant in the loose skin in a dogs neck. Essentially this is a barcode that gives the dog a 15 digit number which is then put into the national dog registry. This is so that if your dog runs away animal control can scan it and enter said number into the registry and find whoever they belong too. Getting a microchip is something all dogs must have as it makes it easier to return them to their owner.  If your dog is impounded the price for this device is $20.

Speaking of which, what should be the first thing you do if your dog runs away? Most people search for their dog but to no avail but what you should is actually contact the council first and foremost. This is because you could spend hours looking for him but someone might have already picked him up at the corner. What this does is it lets the animal control know that your dog is missing but if they already have him and it saves yourself so much more hassle searching for a found dog.

But say our wee friend gets impounded, what then? To answer that, when a dog gets impounded the council scan it and contact whoever the dog belongs to and until the owner picks the dog up, they will stay in a shelter where they will be cared for. The fee to pick them up is $70 plus an extra $15 per night so you’d best hurry to pick them up!

Contact: Drew McLean