This is only a Test

Waimakariri District Council currently has 3 civil defence sirens: one in Waikuku Beach, one in Woodend Beach, and one at Pines Beach. In line with operating and testing procedures, civil defence sirens will be tested twice each year on the first working day after daylight savings changeovers. The first test is scheduled for Monday 25 September at 1pm.

During this exercise, residents will hear a loud siren sound, followed by a clear message stating that “this is only a test.”Sirens_560x321

These tests are technical in nature to help verify that the system is operating correctly; these alerts are not intended as a test for the public. Council will continue to run tests for the local community through simulated disaster exercises at least once every 3 years to familiarise local communities with the siren system.

In an effort to reduce public inconvenience the sirens will be tested at 1pm on the first working day after daylight savings changeovers, when most people are likely to be at work and/or school.  We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Notice of tests will be provided to affected communities on the Council’s website, local newspapers, Facebook, Compass FM 104.9 and local community noticeboards. 

Residents are encouraged to spread the word regarding siren tests throughout their local communities.

Contact: Brennan Wiremu

Phone: 0800 965 468