Speed Limit Changes Coming for West Kaiapoi

Recent public consultation to review the speed limits on several roads within the Kaiapoi (West) area showed good support from the community, and generally submitters were in favour of Council’s proposal to change the limits.

Travelling carWith the completion of the New Arterial Road due in January next year, the proposal looked at lowering speed limits in areas of Island Road, Adderley Terrace, Skewbridge Road, Ohoka Road and Butchers Road to address some safety issues.

Council were presented with the feedback and staff recommendations on options, which were approved at Tuesday’s meeting.

The speed limit review stemmed from the development of the New Arterial Road, which skirts around the south and west side of the Silverstream development. The new road will cater for ongoing development of land around the western side of Kaiapoi, and provide a link to west Rangiora and Southbrook.

A total of 44 submissions were received during the four week consultation period. There was general support for the options however some submitters did present alternative views.  

Council’s Roading Portfolio Holder John Meyer says “It was great to receive so many submissions from the community. The Council considered the feedback carefully when looking to make the final decision. The approved option takes into account that feedback, and also feedback and concerns raised in the past about these areas.”

New limits for Island Road and Adderley Terrace will apply from Monday 25 September 2017, and the remaining new speed limits will apply once the New Arterial Road project is completed in January 2018.

The new speed limits will be as follows:

Road Section Proposed Limit Existing Limit
Ohoka Road

From the existing 50/70km/h change point, across the over bridge to 100m west of Island Road

50km/h 70km/h

New Arterial Road/ Butchers Road

From 100m west of Island Road to the end of the houses on Butchers Road

60km/h N/A

New Arterial Road/Butchers Road/Island/Road/Skewbridge Road

From the end of the houses on Butchers Road to west of Skewbridge Road Bridge

80km/h 100km/h
Island Road From 300m south of Ohoka Road to Butchers Road 50km/h 70km/h / 100km/h
Adderley Terrace From the existing 50/70 change point to Island Road 50km/h