Kippenberger Motorists Urged to Slow Down

Drivers are failing to check their speed on Kippenberger Avenue since the recent speed limit changes Police say. These changes have been made due to increased pedestrian and traffic movements in this area of Kippenberger Avenue.

Sergeant Rene Pabst from Rangiora Police says “It’s disappointing that some drivers continue to ignore speed limits.  It is important drivers take notice and slow down. The alternative is facing a fine, or worse, putting the safety of themselves or others at risk”.

In response to community feedback earlier this year, and to reflect the urban environment on the south side of the road, speed limits were lowered to 50km/h on Kippenberger Avenue, between Watkins Drive and Devlin Avenue and to 80km/h from Devlin Avenue to 500m east of Golf Links Road.

However traffic counts carried out by Council during August showed that 75% of drivers are speeding through the new 50km/h area between Watkins Drive and Devlin Avenue, with the average speed of motorists travelling more than 5km/h over the 50km/h speed limit.

A new pathway is being constructed along Rangiora/Woodend Road as part of the Urban Cycleway’s Project and will link into Kippenberger Avenue. With walkers and cyclists using the shared path it will mean increased roadside activity through the area.

A new crossing point will be built on Kippenberger Avenue about 150m east of Devlin Avenue to assist path users to cross the road.

Temporary speed restrictions will be in place during construction of the shared path to keep road users and workers safe during the work.

Drivers are reminded that Northbrook Road from Papawai Drive to east of Goodwin Street has also been reduced to 50km/h.

Map showing changed speed limits in Rangiora